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It’s always better to teach our children unparalleled kindness as early as possible. This event, “Kids Give to Kids,” will lead the little ones about the right amount of selflessness and how it doesn’t take much effort to make someone happy—especially someone in need.

On Saturday, December 11, the event starts at 11 AM. The toys don’t need to have any wrappers. Toys aren’t the only things you can bring to the table but snacks such as food and drinks, as well! For every toy you bring that is worth $10 or more, you get ten raffle tickets. If you bring food and beverages, you also get ten raffle tickets for that! Now, if your little one has a friend they’d like to invite, it’ll be five raffle tickets per kid invited! That’ll increase your chances of winning their raffle draw!

Remember, the address is 23541 Calle De La Louisa, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653. See you there!

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