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It’s no secret how successful Laguna Hills is as a community. The City is full of homes that mirror the real luxury of California living.

Laguna Hills continues its effort to thrive as a community. One notable action is the City’s initiative to raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle.

Get Fit Campaign

The Get Fit Campaign started in 2005. It’s a city-initiated campaign to target the rise of obesity rates in the community of Laguna Hills. The campaign began by hiring training staff that could help willing individuals achieve a more healthy lifestyle. Various programs and classes are also available for people who need to have new nutrition and exercise based choices.

Some of the efforts to realize the campaign is by providing trails and walking route maps. These routes are within the city boundaries. Below are the trails people may enjoy as they walk towards better health.

Laguna Hills Trails

Alicia Trail

Length: 1.33 miles
Uses: Pedestrian and Bicycles

This paved trail stretches from the corner of Moulton Parkway and Alicia Parkway. Going to this trail leads to the north-eastern side of the Laguna Hills Community Center. Once you pass the Community Center, you can head off to Paseo De Valencia. The route also turns west along Laguna Hills drive.

Aliso Creek Trail

Length: 2.0 miles (within City limits)
Uses: Pedestrian, Bicycles, and Equestrian

This federally designated recreational trail starts from Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park to Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. The trail continues and passes through Sheep Hills park along Laguna Hills Drive to Paseo Valencia. Before touching Los Alisos Boulevard, the trail goes through an open space area and the area of the Juan Avila Adobe. By passing east under the freeway, the trail exits the Laguna Hills.

Aliso Creek Access Trail

Length: 0.37 miles
Use: Pedestrian and Bicycle

Starting at the Alicia Parkway near the Interstate freeway, this trail connects to the Aliso Creek Trail. It’s a paved trail that begins from Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park and continues to Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park.

Avila Trail

Length: 0.55 miles
Uses: Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Equestrian

This dirt trail runs between Laguna Hills’ Aliso Creek Access Trail and Paseo De Valencia. It passes the only adobe building that Juan Avila built.

Oso Bikeway Trail

Length: 1.64 miles
Uses: Pedestrian, and Bicycle

Another paved trail is available that starts from the North side of Oso Parkway to Moulton Parkway. The trail extends to the Cabot Road in the East.

Oso Multi-Use Trail

Length: 1.79 miles
Uses: Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Equestrian

The Southside of Oso Parkway has another dirt trail available for the people of Laguna Hills and nearby area. This trail starts from the Moulton Parkway and extends to Cabot Road in the East.

Nellie Gail Trail

Length: 0.90 miles
Uses: Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Equestrian

From the corner of Ramona Street and Alicia Parkway, another dirt trail is available for the people. The trail extends to the La Paz Road.

Veeh Trail

Length: 0.26 miles
Uses: Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Equestrian

Along the riparian area sits another trail. It sits next to Veeh Ranch Park between Santa Vittoria and Mills Creek Drive.

The way to a healthier lifestyle isn’t a paved road. If you’re struggling to finish the trail, remember to take the path one step at a time. In Laguna Hills, hiking trails are just around the outskirts of the city. Choose one of these Laguna Hills Hiking Trails and start your body goal.

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