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Kids’ Activities in Laguna Hills

After a week of school and study, your children deserve a break and enjoy themselves. Let them play, explore, and enjoy. You can take them to fun kids’ activities on weekends or holidays. For sure, you’ll see priceless smiles in their faces.

Laguna Hills isn’t just a home to one of Orange County’s most beautiful houses. This Southern California city can also be a fun haven for children. Schedule your weekend just for your children and try these exciting kids’ activities in Laguna Hills. You don’t have to go far to let your kids enjoy and have fun.

Jump High at the Big Air Trampoline Park

Have your children spend all their energy here in the Big Air Trampoline Park at Laguna Hills. It’s one of the best places for your children to have fun. You can even join them and jump on the trampoline.

If you’re bringing kids ages seven years old and below, it’s better to join their Toddler Time® schedule every Wednesday and Thursday from 8 AM to 11 AM. Your kids can jump at their speed and comfort level without being pressured by other jumpers around. They also offer extra balls and toys to make sure that the kids are having fun.

The general admission for the Big Air Trampoline Park in Laguna Hills is $16.50 per hour for all ages with an add-on jump time of $9 per hour. You can sign up for a membership if you want to come here often, so you don’t always have to pay the hourly rate. The Big Air Membership is $24/month which includes two hours a day from Monday to Thursday, weekly Toddler Time® access. You can also subscribe to a Premium Membership for only $39/month.

Remember to bring grip socks since it’s required before entering the trampoline area or you can buy a pair at the park for only $2.50. You can also plan your loved one’s birthday and other events at the Big Air Trampoline. Contact the company for more information.

Enroll them in a Swimming Lesson at the Aqua Wave Swim School

The Aqua Wave Swim School is the perfect place to teach your children how to swim and enjoy one of the beautiful beaches of Orange County. At this school, your kids will enjoy not only swimming lessons but also life-saver tutorials. You can entrust your kids to their loving and dedicated professional swimming instructors. They’ll take time to bond with your children so they’ll know a better approach to teach them.

Aqua Wave Swim School in Laguna Hills is open from 9 AM to 8 PM on Mondays to Thursdays and 9 AM to 1 PM on Fridays to Sundays.

Here are the swimming lessons that your children can attend at the Aqua Wave Swim School:

Semi-Private Lessons (18 months to young age) – your child will be joining with another child of the same age and swimming level. The price is $26.75 for each lesson of up to 20 minutes.

Private Lessons – the price is $50.40 per lesson that lasts up to 20 minutes.

Parent and Me – you and your child can have a swimming lesson together at Aqua Wave. This class is taught in a group for kids six months to 3 years old. Maximum students per class are 8 and last for 20 minutes.

Stroke Clinics – this lesson is ideal for young kids with advanced swimming ability ready for a group class. There’s a Jr. Stroke Clinic that costs $21.50 per lesson and the Stroke Clinic costs $18.50 per lesson. Each class lasts for 30 minutes.

There are also adult lessons available at Aqua Wave so both you and your kid can have fun in the water.

Enroll them in Arts and Crafts Lessons at the Silly Smock

Here at Laguna Hills, you can freely nurture your kid’s potential regarding arts and crafts. Many learning centers offer art lessons that children will surely adore. The famous facility that allows children to explore art through fun activities is The Silly Smock.

They have regular classes during school days and Summer Art Camps every summer. There’s a theme for every lesson that they follow throughout the day. Since Silly Smock follows a child-directed program, it often changes its course if the kids have a different idea than what they present. Expect a lot of painting, planting, using clay, and more.

Take them to the Park

One of the inexpensive activities that your children can enjoy is to take them to a park near your house. There are many parks in Laguna Hills that have tot lots where children can play on a sunny day. To add up to their experience, you can bring along food with you and a picnic blanket so your kids can eat healthy food while playing.

Here are some parks in Laguna Hills where your kids can have fun:

  • Dinosaur Park
  • Mandeville Park
  • Clarington Park
  • Sheep Shills Park
  • Veeh Ranch Park
  • Yosemite Park
  • Knotty Pine Park
  • Beckenham Park
  • El Conejo Park

Final Thoughts

Laguna Hills has a lot to offer for families who want to settle in a beautiful Southern Orange County city, especially kids! Treat your precious ones to a weekend full of fun and enjoyment. For sure, you can see big smiles on their faces! Try any of these kids’ activities in Laguna Hills.

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