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Laguna Hills Real Estate Marketing Trends

One of the major land grants during the Rancho Era, Laguna Hills is now one of the top communities that people continue to enjoy.

As it blends the true essence of classic and contemporary California living, there’s no doubt how lots of people are dreaming of being part of its scene. If you’re planning to join Laguna Hills, skyrocket your steps by knowing the real estate marketing trends of Laguna Hills.

Median Home Value in Laguna Hills

According to Zillow Home, the Value Index data through December 31, 2017, Laguna Hills has a median home value of $753,500.

The home value went up over the past year for 3.6%. According to the Zillow Real Estate forecast, there might be a rise of 2.3% within 2018 in the median home value.

Regarding the median list price per square foot, Laguna Hills has $393. This rate is lower than the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Metro average which amounts to $412.

The currently listed homes in Laguna Hills has the median price of $775,000. Sold homes in Laguna Hills has the median home value of $668,400.

Foreclosures and mortgage delinquency in Laguna Hills
1.0 per 10,000 homes is foreclosed in Laguna Hills. This rate is higher compared to the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Metro value at 0.9. Laguna Hills foreclosure rate is lower than the national value of 1.6.

The first step of foreclosure lies in the mortgage delinquency. This situation happens when the homeowner fails to pay the mortgage.

In Laguna Hills, there is 0.6% of delinquent mortgages. This data is through March 32, 2017.

The rate of delinquent mortgages in Laguna Hills is lower than the national value of 1.6%.

Many homeowners are considered underwater on their mortgages as the US home values fell from their peak in 2011. This situation means that lots of homeowners owe more than how much their home is worth.

In Laguna Hills, there are 3.9% of homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages. The rate is lower compared to Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Metro at 5.6%.

The overall Laguna Hills Real Estate market health is considered very healthy as shown from the date through March 31, 2017.

Livability in Laguna Hills

You owe yourself some research to secure that your next home isn’t some far-flung places with a flesh-eating neighborhood. That sounds way overboard, but as they say.. ‘better safe than sorry.’

If you’re highly considering Laguna Hills as your next home, chances are you’ll have lots fine days under the sun.

According to, Laguna Hills is hailed as the #145 in California’s most livable city. In the national scale, Laguna Hills is at the #4,798.

What does that mean? Is it bad that Laguna Hills is at the thousandths among the most livable cities in the country? Not really because Laguna Hills is equipped with lots of local amenities and stable housing market. Not to mention that this city is competent enough when compared to the bigger scale statistics.

Crime rates one of the most crucial factors in choosing your next home, and Laguna Hills boasts its low crime rate standing. Laguna Hills has 41% of total reported crimes compared to California. Laguna Hills also has 37% of reported crime rates than the national rate.

As the median home price of this city is whooping 231% higher than the national average, Laguna Hills is considerably a place for luxurious living. Choose a house in Laguna Hills and come home to your California dream.

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