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Laguna Hills Skatepark

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find a place to practice skateboarding?


Well, the feeling is mutual – and probably a skate rat would feel the same.


Luckily, you can find skateparks in most cities in Southern California. And if you live in Laguna Hills, you can enjoy skateboarding at the Laguna Hills Skatepark. This small skate park is ideal for kids and those who are new to skateboarding.


Overview of the Laguna Hills Skatepark (LAGS)


Skateboarding is a thriving hobby in 2019. The government of Laguna Hills is doing its best to provide a vibrant yet safe place to practice skateboarding. Plus, they make sure that the Laguna Hills Skatepark is built to last.


If you take a view of the Laguna Hills Skatepark, you’ll see that it has features that are well suited for every skater. As you go inside, the main entrance serves as a track to skate the pyramid, which is one of the main obstacles at the skate park.


The Pyramid


The pyramid is long and smooth, and you’ll need the right amount of force and speed to reach the top. Most skaters flaunt their flip tricks and ollie variations here. You can also find a steep 7-feet high bank on one side of the pyramid.


The Volcano


The top part of the park also features a volcano where you can practice skateboard grabs and airs. In the upper level, there’s a border of mellow quarterpipes where one section can be used as a launch ramp to a flat bar.


Banks of Various Sizes


There are banks of various sizes in the alley or the center of the park. These banks range from 5 to 7 feet.


You can also find a small 2-feet quarterpipe in the middle, which residents refer to as the “taco.” The taco serves as a transition and a gap — these areas suite best for beginners and those who want to do blunt slides.


The Elongated Bowl and the Peninsula


You can find an elongated bowl with several hips on the final third of the park. Also, you can find a peninsula, which is four-block the size of an eight stair and a flat bar. The bowl has a smooth roll in which the deepest part of the bowl is mainly for speed to go around.


Other Features of the Laguna Hills Skatepark


  • Has lights
  • No waiver required
  • Not gated
  • Concrete ground
  • No entrance fee
  • Free parking
  • Access to bathrooms
  • With drinking fountains
  • Wooden picnic tables


Laguna Hills Skatepark Rules


The Laguna Hills Skatepark is one of the best skate parks in California. To keep the park safe for public use, the city of Laguna Hills imposed rules to everyone who wishes to use the park.


  • No adding of other obstacles.
  • Food and beverages are NOT allowed inside the grinding rail area.
  • Alcoholic drinks, as well as glass containers, are NOT allowed.
  • No smoking in the skatepark.
  • NO profanity or any form of misconduct.
  • Bicycles and scooters are NOT allowed in the Skateboard Facility.
  • Graffiti or stickers are prohibited.
  • Grinding is only allowed in the Skateboard Facility.
  • Skateboarders must wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads for safety.


You need to abide with the rules at the skatepark. If you fail to comply with these requirements, you’ll be subject to citation. Skateboarding and rollerblading are also dangerous activities for adults and persons over 14 years old.


The City Office may not be held responsible for any incident that might happen in the facility. However, if you witness accidents and injuries, immediately call (949) 707-2600.


Laguna Hills Skatepark Hours:


The skatepark is open daily to the public from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. There’s no entrance fee, and you can even park your car for free here.


Laguna Hills Skatepark Contact Information:


If you would like to know the latest information, community events, and services in this facility, please contact the Laguna Hills Skatepark City office.



Email address:

Phone: (949) 707-2600

Fax: (949) 707-2614


How to Get to Laguna Hills Skatepark


Do you want to practice skateboarding in one of the best skate parks for beginners in Orange County? You can try the basic skateboarding skills at the Laguna Hills Skatepark.


If you’re new to the city of Laguna Hills, no need to search everywhere. Here are the directions to reach the skate park.


The Laguna Hills Skatepark sits conveniently at 25401 Paseo De Valencia Laguna Hills, California, 92653. You can reach the skate park either by car in about 7 minutes.


Driving directions to reach the skate park from the I-5 (San Diego Freeway):


  1. Go northwest of I-5, then take exit 90 to Alicia Parkway.
  2. Turn left onto Alicia Parkway. Driving from this road, you will pass the Paseo De Valencia.
  3. Turn right to reach the community center.
  4. Finally, turn left. You can find the Laguna Hills Skate park on the right side, just behind the community center building.


Map directions from I-5, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, to the Laguna Hills Skatepark by car.


Skateparks are readily available as skateboarding thrives in Southern California. And Laguna Hills offer a skate park that’s perfect for beginners.


Other Skate Parks near Laguna Hills Skatepark


Laguna Niguel Skatepark


If you want to practice at a bigger skate park, you can go to the Laguna Niguel Skatepark. It’s open for skateboarders of all skill levels. In addition to that, your family and friends can come here and watch you flaunt your skateboarding tricks.


While Laguna Hills Skatepark has free access and fewer rules, the Laguna Niguel Skate Park has admission fees and has strict rules for all park users. If you wish to utilize the skate park, you must sign a liability waiver before you use it.


You can practice your biking stunts here, too. The Laguna Niguel Skatepark allows BMX and Dirt Jump bikes but only during bike specific sessions.


During school breaks, the Laguna Niguel Skatepark offers summer skate camp for all ages. For more information, you can check their website, or contact them here:


E-mail address:

Phone Number: (949) 916-7755


You can also check updates on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Skateboarding is a fun recreational activity for everyone. And you can enjoy your favorite hobby in Orange County. Practice skateboarding in the Laguna Hills Skate park or flaunt your impressive skills at the Laguna Niguel Skatepark.

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