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Your Guide to Laguna Hills

Laguna Hills is one of the cities in the Orange County that was built on one of the major land grants during the Rancho Era. The town is developed near the rolling hills, west of Mission Viejo. Laguna Hills has a total of 6.63 sq mi (17.17 km2), comprising of land 6.60 sq mi (17.10 km2) of land and 0.03 sq mi (0.06 km2) of water.

Since Laguna Hills is made up mostly of land, it’s no wonder that most of the attractions in this place are upscale parks and hiking trails. If you decide to come and visit Laguna Hills, it would be a bummer if the weather doesn’t play along.

Good thing that you’ve decided to read this article now because it’ll all be about Laguna Hills’ weather. Before we proceed to know the usual climate in Laguna Hills, let us have fast weather facts.

Laguna Hills Weather Fast Facts

  • Laguna Hills gets around 14 inches of rain per annum while the US average is 39.
  • Laguna Hills gets snowfall around 0 inches while the US average gets 26 inches of snow per year.
  • In Laguna Hills, the number of days with any assessable precipitation is 22 inches.
  • On an average scale, there are 281 sunny days in a year in Laguna Hills. The hottest month of the year was in July, which was around 83 degrees. Last January’s average temperature was 46 degrees, making it the coldest month of the year.
  • An 81 out of 100 is the Sperling’s comfort index for the Laguna Hills. The high score means that it’s a comfortable year-round climate. This index is based on the total number of days yearly within the comfort range of 70-80 degrees, and there’s a penalty imposed for days of excessive humidity.

Monthemp. (min)Temp. (max)Temp. (avg)Precipitation

January 33°F 89°F 57°F 2.1″
February 39°F 89°F 57°F 2.6″
March 41°F 95°F 59°F 0.7″
April 48°F 99°F 61°F 0.7″
May 51°F 93°F 64°F 0.2″
June 56°F 96°F 67°F 0.0″
July 59°F 99°F 71°F 0.0″
August 62°F 96°F 72°F n/a
September 56°F 102°F 70°F 0.2″
October 46°F 99°F 66°F 0.2″
November 45°F 93°F 62°F 0.7″
December 37°F 81°F 56°F 1.5″

Other Laguna Hills weather facts.

Hottest Month August (23 °C avg)
Coldest Month December (14 °C avg)
Wettest Month February (29.2 mm avg)
Windiest Month June (11 km/h avg)
Annual Rainfall 86.2 mm (per year)

In Laguna Hills, the highest monthly average temperature is 72 degrees and usually falls in August.

The lowest monthly average temperature is 56 degrees and usually falls in December.

The most monthly precipitation occurs in February with 2.6 inches.

So those were the basic facts about the weather in Laguna Hills. If you want to visit one of the hippest cities in Orange County, go to Laguna Hills. There’s no such thing as too sunny or too rainy. Drop by and visit Laguna Hills now.

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